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  2. Dorian funny we as a nation can spend $1.45 TRILLION on a fighter but we can’t take care of our citizenry.The new baseline forecasts the average cost of the F-35 fighter, including research and development (R&D) and inflation, at $135 million per plane, plus an additional $26 million for the F135 engine built by Pratt & Whitney, a unit of United Technologies Corp.Notice how they’re separating the cost of the engine from the cost of the plane? TOTAL COST – $161 million EACH and we’re buying 2,443 of them!

  3. …ok, then replace them with van tran, john tran, bruce tran, the OC gop? No thanks.They can’t even save their own skins and keep themselves out of court. LOL.They are still your good viet leaders, of course.By the way: How many people in the ‘we’, you are referring to? my guess is 2, you and van tran, am I right? Hahahahah.

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  6. I just want to say thanks to D.M, Skeet and Longshot. I really believe your site has made a huge difference. You’ve been able to keep the debate lively and fresh, while helping the electorate make an informed decision. Holding your representative accountable and keeping them honest. Now I expect you to keep me honest. To Jim, this is not how I wanted things to turn out. I appreciated your words of advice to me, considering this was my first time and my learing curve was steep. You’ve been a selfless champion to this community.Thanks again.

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  11. 28,The reason Phil Jackson could put Kobe on Billups was because Jones had zero offensive game so Fisher could just stand with him on the perimeter and hang out. Jones is out this year so the Nuggets will have nobody to guard Kobe but the Lakers will now have to put their PG (Fisher & Brown) on Billups this year in the playoffs.

  12. Who was invited to Phil Goff's speech?How much are we borrowing a week – the difference between $120 million and $300 million is quite a bit? And why do some commentators state one figure, and other commentators the other?What's the difference between Key borrowing for his tax cuts, and Goff borrowing for his?Perhaps most importantly, where can I get some of that hair dye? It is so magnificent it made me dream of Goff last night!

  13. OK i am a conservative republician and i dont even believe in global warmin. Mother nature is doing 98% of global warming and we are doing the other 2% so all those freaks that say that we caused global warming are wrong, i believe that we should do things like recycle but dont go to crazy, and they say that were running out of oil, well we still have enough oil for the next 100,000 years.

  14. We always go when traveling.Some of the best meetigns I have attended are in wards that I would never normally attend. One such example is a fishing/beach trip the fam took to the Texas coast. We attended a small largely Hispanic ward that spoke English. It was awesome.

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  16. “Eric’s lulzy rap in Venus”? how? then what’s Andy’s & Junjin’s rap parts then? lolz. That’s really the 1st I heard from various reviews (fan’s & non fan’s) for Venus or The Return ablum. Not being bias but aside from the poise & harmony from the main vocalists, Eric’s rap part in Venus is one of the highlights and it adds also edginess to the song (as well as Junjin’s part)

  17. “…I would rather pull out unknown or ‘unauthoritative’ voices to challenge my own viewpoint rather than blindly accept what a few popular people tell me is the truth…”Good!! Its those ‘outlier’ opinions that often the most interesting ones. So mining the twitter stream for the less authoritative might be more informative. “Follow” on Twitter seems to embrace a simple act of keeping informed about something but it also seems to include an obsessive fan-club focus as well. As for that ‘small to medium sized firm’… the use of a twitter widget will draw followers.

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  20. "That’s ridiculous, of course: it’s impossible to neatly disentangle the biological from the social, given that children are born into a culture laden with gender messages."-If that's true, then how can she be so confident that culture/social factors are the dominant reason for children preferring gender specific toys; And if she can't then why is she making such a fuss about it?

  21. “Except all y’all will be the first to bitch..”Now you’re just making shit up.Healthcare taxation is causing a sharp rise in the cost of employing workers, as predicted.The only people bitching at the ‘free market’ over adjustments to government mandated costs are the ones who are too fecking stupid to see it coming.

  22. Excuse me, but some anonymous person on the Internet questions my degrees just because I didn’t do the comparison he/she wanted me to do, and that is not ad-hominem? He/she is basically saying I’m an idiot because I didn’t propose the ratio he/she thinks is best.This is typical mediocre US academic bull-crap. Any way you slice it, any ratio you come up with, and Venezuela’s performance in this aspect is a) paltry, and b) getting worse. Hiding behind methodological back-and-forths is just a way of diverting the discussion, it’s pointless, and it constitutes trolling. It’s pointless to even have this conversation.

  23. This is off topic – but wanted to post –NBC news on B’ham, AL TV announced Sat., 3/25 that a bill was going to be presented to ban abortion in the state and that it would be similar to the SD bill that was signed by the Governor there.The B’ham Newspaper on Sun., 3/26/06 mentioned the two MENwho have proposed the bill. I will have to read the paper again to post the names of these two redneck red state men.

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  29. Yes, the parenthetical was critical. I apparently entered the wrong answer (b negative) because, though I remembered the parenthetical, I never bothered to look at it a second time before entering and misremembered it as saying “this is positive” because that was how I intuited it. I.e. the clue including the letter B was “positive for B”. No sour grapes, it was my own hasty entry that led me astray. I’m happy enough having fully grokked this meta, which was indeed difficult.

  30. Understanding the bible is not as easy as 1-2-3. Yes you are right that sometimes how we understand the meaning of the line, depends on how we read it.Verse from the bible reminds us that He is there, no matter how indifferent the situation is.I believe in god, and no matter how confusing words from the bible can be, I still believe that God loves me.

  31. Fab report Nuala, thanks for that! Would've loved to have been at that panel. Be very interesting to see a resurgence in novellas – Philip O Ceallaigh has some fairly long stories (50 pages plus) in his collections, and then you have Claire Keegan's Foster, so maybe they're on their way back.

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  41. Which color is in the bottom right of the group photo (medium pink lippie)? I’m new to your website – discovered it in the last week or two – and you are now my favorite site!! Your posts are so detailed. I love how you do swatches, and tutorials. And you absolutely crack me up!! We seem to have a lot in common – an obsession with Madonna, reality t.v., oh… and makeup. Keep up the good work!

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  45. Yesterday I scanned a story about how the BBC is pumping in their satellite signal and pissing the Iranians off royally with their propaganda. The Iranians were jamming the signals and the BBC was employing counter-measures to get their signal through. The tone seemed to indicate that the BBC were in the right.WTF? Would western governments just sit down for the reverse? I found it mind-boggling that this kind of thing is acceptable to westerners."Who? Whom?" really does seem to be the first commandment any more.~ Svigor

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  62. I got an email from a friend to “join Mitt’s team” and it had links to some videos about him and his views. I didn’t really know too much about him. I spent some time yesterday on youtube watching clips from interviews from dateline and other news shows. He is very smooth and I liked his style in answering tough questions. Looks like he has a good chance!

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